Jodi Reeb is a visual, fine artist from Minneapolis specializing in fine art abstract, collage, sculptural, contemporary, landscape, acrylic and encaustic paintings for sale.

The process of change in nature is a constant source of wonder and inspiration that I try to mimic in my work through the combination of beeswax, acrylic paint and texture. This process of change and transformation is supported by integrating many different media such as collage, encaustic (molten beeswax), printmaking and acrylic paint on various sustainable substrates.

As a mixed-media artist, I create my art using acrylic paint, encaustic (molten beeswax) and collage on various substrates such as wood, canvas and paper. Primarily working on commission, I enjoy collaborating with clients to create artwork that leads me to the next step in the progression of my process and development while complementing an existing space. The focus of my artwork has always been about the beauty of nature and finding inspiration from the extraordinary colors and light. As I explore this idea, I have been intrigued with nature's ever-changing seasons. I often contemplate how nature relates to our cycles of existence.

In my recent series of circular paintings and encaustic with photo collage paintings, I use contrasting materials and substrates to create works that oscillate between painting and sculpture. I use solid substrates made of wood and circular acrylic panels using encaustic (beeswax) and acrylic paint as well as metallic paints that transform or react when combined. Combinations are discovered, explored, proposed, rejected and accepted as part of the art-making process. Components are moved around in varying compositions. Some paintings are created to be part of a series and some are partnered through discovery. Through this approach I discover relationships between the elements creating rhythms, patterns and visual textures that are nature-based as well as abstract. Over time, contrasting or common elements form connections, which is what I am really hoping to explore through this interaction.

I apply changes in texture and color by painting diverse surfaces with unusual materials such as beeswax and metallic paints that patina when they interact and create something new. I begin with a layer of paint or a structure, and from that point on, it becomes about process; making marks and textures, applying materials, responding to each action with a reaction. In this way, spontaneous connections are valued as highly as are planned compositions. As each work evolves, it gains an identity that eventually solves itself through process, positive and negative space and dimension.