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Create a sanctuary in your home or business with abstract
contemporary and modern art, paintings and sculpture!

Encaustic paint on aluminum or circular panels wall art sculptures
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Commissions welcome with unique layouts and color palettes available to fill any space! I love collaborating!

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Jodi Reeb is a mixed-media, fine artist in Minneapolis; abstract art, original fine art for sale such as modern Encaustic paintings, wall art installations, sculptural art, contemporary art, landscape art and wall art sculpture. She also teaches Encaustic workshops using R&F Paints as a Core Artist and acrylic painting and printmaking classes in her North Loop Minneapolis studio and is a GOLDEN Artist Educator (GAEP).

Current Exhibitions listed below

"I specialize in custom abstract art, original wall sculpture, painted acrylic wall art, corporate art and commercial art installations for public healthcare hospital and clinics, hotels and hospitality, corporate offices and private spaces."

Primarily working on commission, I enjoy collaborating with clients to create artwork that leads me to the next step in the progression of my process and development while complementing an existing space. The focus of my artwork has always been about the magnificence and beauty of nature and finding inspiration from nature’s extraordinary colors & light. As I explore this idea, I have been intrigued with nature’s ever-changing seasons and I often try to depict how nature relates to our own cycles of existence


1. Surfaces: Connection + Structure
Jodi Reeb and Dietlind Vander Schaaf

Kolman & Pryor Gallery
1500 Jackson Street, Minneapolis, MN

Exhibition: June 26 - September 5, 2021

Moving between two and three-dimensional forms, these works by Dietlind Vander Schaaf and Jodi Reeb are constructed while developing scale, geometry, spatial relationships, texture and color. These works challenge the visual properties of sculpture, translucency and the painted surface. Strong physical elements come from layering and incising the Encaustic paint while manipulating the image with oil pigments and elevation from the wall.

Nature’s cycles are also a theme in our work where the paintings are deconstructed as well as abstracted to create structure and connection. These works juxtapose geometry with the softness found in nature.

2. Painting Toward Sculpture
St. John's University Main and Target Galleries
2850 Abbey Plaza, Collegeville, 56321

Opening reception Thursday, September 2nd a 5;00-7:00 p.m.

Exhibition on view August 20 - October 28, 2021

Moving between two and three-dimensional forms, I am constructing paintings and sculptures layer by layer. There are three main bodies of work in this exhibition where I am exploring the theme of nature’s cycles. I am working to develop scale, geometry, spatial relationships, texture and color. These works challenge the visual properties of paintings and sculpture with translucency and dimensionality. Strong physical elements come from layering and texture using Encaustic paint (beeswax, pigment and damar resin) while layering photos printed on tissue with oil pigments and elevating the organic paintings from the wall.

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